Ray Ban Sunglasses, also known as shading goggles, are used for preventing bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes. People usually need to adjust the size of the pupil to regulate the flux of light when they are outdoors. It can be harmful to the human eyes when the intensity of the light exceeds that of the human eye. So in the outdoor activities places, especially in summer, people need to use Fake Ray Bans to prevent their eyes from ultraviolet radiation and blue light, to relieve his eyes and adjust the damage caused by fatigue or strong light stimulation. They can sometimes also function as a visual aid, as variously termed spectacles or glasses exist, featuring lenses that are colored, polarized or darkened.


Some people wear Cheap Ray Bans for protecting their eyes. However, more and more people wear replica ray ban sunglasses for fashion. In the early 1920s, the use of sunglasses started to become more widespread, especially among movie stars. Since the 1940s, Ray Ban sunglasses have been popular as a fashion accessory, especially when people have their holidays on the beach. Sunglasses have long been associated with celebrities and film actors primarily from a desire to mask their identity and avoid any unnecessary troubles. It is commonly believed that this was to avoid recognition by fans, but some alternative reasons sometimes given are that they often had red eyes from the powerful arc lamps and the toil-worn face without makeup. 

At present, Xiamen, China, is the world's largest producer of Ray Ban sunglasses, with its port exporting 120 million pairs each year. So how to select a pair of cheap fake ray ban sunglasses for protecting our eyes? 

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 First, we should consider it from a visual perspective and shading effect, the definition of good lens color are gray, dark green and dark brown; in comparison, other color lens sunglasses may have more adorning effect.


Second, we should consider the UV index, which filters out UV rays, should eliminate the 280-400nm spectrum.The UV index for most sunglasses is between 96% and 98%, and darker lenses are better than lighter lenses.


Third, you should choose suitable styles. Cheap Ray Bans have many styles and shapes, such as square, ellipse, hexagon, inclined square etc. You should choose a appropriately bigger size. Most of Fake Ray Bans sunglasses for travel have no luminosity, so they would not be restricted by the pupil distance, and bigger lens can bring you a broader field of vision. Generally speaking, the travel sunglasses are slightly larger than the normal glasses by 4 to 6 mm.