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In the fashion world, retro is a wonderful word. Because in each era the most classic modeling, the most fashionable moment, the most vanguard manifesto are condensed in the word "retro"-so every single item with a vintage flavor is a grand tribute to the classic trend.And these pieces, because of the addition of the ancient elements, and it was injected into the soul of the times. So what is fashion,that is the fashionable sunglasses.


  Ray Ban round sunglasses, however, were so neat that many would have thought they were literati, or old-fashioned nerds. Although the society has this kind of prejudice to round frame sunglasses, but in the evolution of the times, Ray Ban round sunglasses have never fallen, even it can be said to last for a hundred years.  


  And then,why are only round knock off Ray Bans sunglasses called retro?


  First, it is about more than 1800 years ago, the circles were the first look of sunglasses.

  Round was the original appearance of sunglasses: There is no glass, so they were made of natural crystal or agate. Marco Polo crossed the sea in the 13th century. He saw the officials of the Yuan Dynasty wearing circular convex lenses to read the official documents and brought them back to Italy. Thus, the sunglasses were introduced into Europe.Circles are the technological limits that have not been broken through for 300 years:The technological limits of agricultural civilization, making round frames the only option. Only the circular lens can be rotated to adjust the lens angle and adjust the sharpness.


  Second, the circle is the emperor's last dignity.

  Ancient,in almost every important occasion,famous people can be seen wearing round-framed sunglasses. The last emperor because of the family hereditary myopia, under the advice of the foreign teacher Johnston to match glasses, this suffered huge criticism. So round sunglasses were his only stubbornness with his last fight.


  Third, due to fashion and vintage favorites

  In recent years, the trend of retro is becoming more and more intense. Typical round-frame sunglasses, fashion people's indispensable items, whether it is high-end show or fashion street photography can see its figure.There is nothing more classic than round-framed sunglasses, lazy, casual, literary style and so on.If you want the retro fashion, this round Ray Ban sunglasses can be easily controlled.


  The sense of age is the indispensable thing of the new trend, cheap Ray Bans round sunglasses, adhering to the honest and mellow spirit of simplicity, fusion of the outstanding modern aesthetics, when the delicate sense of the age meets the retro wind tide, rich oriental literature and art in the air freely.


  Everyone wants to wear a pair of best cheap ray ban sunglasses, this demand has formed the market, the market gave birth to the trend.Sunglasses craftsmen were popular at the time using real technology to create frames Ray Ban retro round style can almost be drawn with fashionable sunglasses on the same sign. This is a trend of Ray Ban's retro style!