In addition to shade or pretend to be cool,

The limelight of "Ray-Ban" also often in other cases,

Was taken out by its owner.

Only to unlock the hidden function of knockoff Ray-Bans,

Can understand it all.


Fake ray ban sunglasses Hide the mood

Panda eyes after staying up late,

It was the tear that didn't dry last night.

When you see people wearing ray-ban sunglasses on cloudy days,

Do not feel that people do not have the upper limit of X,

After all, who has not got a story?


Ray ban aviator - Understated master

There are always so many people around us,

A friend who has not been recognized on the street.

They are often understated or not like social.

Hat + cheap Ray Bans

It is their daily standard.


Ray ban sunglasses - The weapon of modified face

Look at the big faces around you,

Their shirts or their bags,

Always have a Ray Ban sunglasses cheap.

In addition to occasionally wearing a concave shape.

More daily - modified face,

Let the whole temperament instant up!

More special USES of ray-ban,

Wait for you to discover!