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  Retro wind from last year to this year, has spread in every corner of the fashion circle,including the retro Ray Ban sunglasses!So the black sunglasses are a thing of the past, and this season it's the transparent yellow sunglasses.If you look at all the major fashion shows, there are a lot of Hollywood superstars, models, celebrities in yellow sunglasses.From them,we can know what the colored Ray Ban should be like? Why so many people like him so much that they can't stop!

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  Compared with the round masculine Ray Ban sunglasses, most of this type of frame, many mature girls love wearing!The style of large lens is more fashionable, not only can make delicate small face, but also apply to any hairstyle.In addition to this,it is very cool!Yellow round-framed cheap Ray Bans with retro-tuned round-frame sunglasses,which is a concave shape of the necessary unit.It is not only the girl's heart is full, but also with literary and artistic temperament good to burst! A chic girl must have a pair of it!


  Ray Ban metal texture with pink reflector film, from exquisite craft to create the perfect accessories.The inspiration of fake Ray Ban sunglasses come from traditional Boeing sunglasses, integrated into fashion line design, novel color elliptical lens perfect fusion, continuation of the classic, showing unique temperament.


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